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Do you need help with your Marketing to Chinese Tourists/ Travelers?  You want to understand different strategies, ways to get Chinese Clients


With the rise of Chinese tourists traveling abroad every year, more and more tourism professionals are struggling to find out how to attract Chinese tourists.

 1- Chinese Group of Tourists are now a gold mine for many companies

Nowadays, when we talk about travel and tourism, we think directly about China. According to data published by the National Tourism Administration of China (CNTA) and the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), China has the highest number of outgoing tourists 97.3 million in 2013 and the amount The highest expenditure abroad ($ 102 billion 2012), making China the largest source of outbound tourism market in the world.

a. Overview of the market

Outbound tourism in China has undergone significant changes in recent decades. The volume of international travel by Chinese travellers grew from 10 million in 2000 to nearly 100 million in 2013, a huge jump from other countries in the world. In addition, China’s global share of outbound travel, which was only 1% in 2005, will now be estimated at one-fifth of world travel by 2023. The rapid growth rate alone is no longer sufficient to explain the evolution of tourism out of China, which is closely linked to the social changes that the country has experienced over the past decade.

By 2016, about 68 million Chinese citizens have travelled abroad and this figure is expected to reach 100 million by 2021. If outgoing Chinese tourism meets these expectations, this would be equivalent to almost 40% of the total market of outbound tourism for the Asia-Pacific region.

b. popular Chinese tourist’s destinations

Chinese tourists are now a gold mine for many tourism industry companies. Chinese tourists often go abroad to popular tourist destinations such as Canada, France, the United States, U.K., South Korea and Japan. However, Chinese tourism has taken another turn, as the Chinese are now more attracted to destinations like Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Morocco and Vietnam. Similarly, there is also a reduction in group travel for individual travel, as Chinese tourists are more in search of adventures and unique experiences

2- How to actually attract these Independant Chinese tourists?

It is crucial to ask how to actually attract this mass of Chinese tourists

a. A multi-channel marketing strategy 

Generally, Chinese tourists do not book flights or hotels on any platform. Indeed, the Chinese are quite special. To access this market, it is important to advertise on the channels that the Chinese use.

While most companies adopt a multichannel marketing strategy, they ignore China’s most exclusive channels. That is a serious mistake, given the fact that the number of outbound Chinese tourists increases dramatically each year. Therefore, in order to attract Chinese customers, it is crucial to use the various Chinese channels as a tourism marketing strategy.

One of the most important aspects of social network marketing is the fact that you can interact with other Chinese users. By responding to user comments and messages, you can create lasting relationships with potential customers. Simply establish your company’s page on Chinese social media platforms and engage with a few customers can ultimately seriously improve your company’s brand image.

b. Have a proper Chinese social marketing 

The marketing of social networks has become the marketing strategy most coveted by many companies in the tourism industry. A social network is more personal and encourages sharing and propaganda by word of mouth.

In addition, travel companies have begun to optimize their websites and services to promote access via smartphones, as a study has shown that a significant number of Chinese tourists use their smartphones to book and organize flights, Hotels.

c. Chinese social media platforms

One of the most common marketing strategies these days in China is the use of social media. Indeed, advertising on the various Chinese social media platforms is very effective. Among these major platforms, we have WeChat, which is now the platform for the excellence of many companies. With around 889 million registered users in December 2016, Wechat has become a powerful tool for businesses around the world. It is widely used especially among Chinese youth, who are most likely to travel.

As a second popular platform in China, we also note Weibo. It is also very powerful for sharing images and content with a wider audience. Although it cannot match the Wechat user base, it still registered nearly 260 million active users in 2016. Chinese tourists often look for information on these social media platforms before to make decisions about travel.

d. Invest in Chinese Search Engines 

One of the effective strategies to reach the Chinese market is advertising through search engines. Among these search engines, we have Baidu, which is by far the most powerful leader in the Chinese search engine market, with nearly 80% market share. There are several other search engines equally powerful, but none is comparable to Baidu.

Optimizing your website through Baidu’s SEO strategy can be very beneficial in increasing the reach of your business in the Chinese market.

Just like Google, Baidu offers a wide variety of advertising options for businesses. However, advertising on Baidu requires that companies drown in a ton of administrative paperwork, which is incredibly difficult for non-Chinese companies. Baidu needs a large amount of information, in order to stay in line with the Chinese government regulations.

e. The forums for travellers

One of the best ways to find out what Chinese people are really looking for is to go to Chinese travel forums. The most popular of these forums for discussion based on travel at present is TuNiu. Even small pieces of information can be useful, as Chinese tourists are very difficult. For example, last year there was an unexpected increase of 3,500% in the number of tourists travelling to Morocco from China. Indeed, images have been published in Weibo showing groups of Chinese tourists taking photos in Morocco. Subsequently, there was a sudden influx of Chinese tourists into Morocco.