Market your travel agency to China is not that easy for a Receptive Travel Agencies, and deal with  Chinese Tour Operator or Chinese Travel Agencies has become more challenging than ever.

Chinese Tourists  : 130 million Chinese travelled abroad

Chinese International tourism is expected to maintain its fast development during the next  years.

Visa policies and increased direct flights are attracting Chinese Travellers to more destinations than before

Chinese made more than 71.3 million International Trips in the first half of 2018, (+ 15%)

China has become the biggest source of Tourists for Destination like Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Russia, Maldives, Indonesia, and South Africa

Due to the growth in the first half of the year, outbound Chinese travellers for the entire year would reach 160 million according to Tourism Expert and Chinese Tourism Accademy.



You are a Travel Agencies, hotel, Transportation Companies and want to partnership with Chinese Tourism players…

And you ask yourself these questions…

  1. How to Attract Chinese Tour Operators ?
  2. How to deal with them ?
  3. Make make business Successful or Not ?

Chinese Tour Operators & Travel Agencies

You have a lot of Chinese Tour Operator in China and it is difficult to deal with them for International Tourism Players.

Chinese TO are interested to deal with Serious Companies, that have good reputation and offer good condition for Price and Services.

How to Attract Chinese Tour Operators ?

  • Most of Chinese do not speak english , and thus that speak English prefer to Read Chinese.
  • Most of them do not use emails, and prefer communicate on WeChat
  • Google is blocked in China, so they search on Baidu
  • Facebook, Instagram twitter are blocked in China, so you have to use WeChat, Weibo LittleRedBook
  • In China, everything is Different. If you want to do Business you have to Adapt to Chinese Rules.


Basic Requierement to Deal With Chinese Tour Operators and Travel Agencies.

A Chinese Website

You have to get a Chinese Version of your Website for Chinese Audience. Simplified Mandarin.

You can have a Simple Website, but have to be professional, clear to find information .

Examples AigueMarine Paris.

Hosting in China

To have your website accessible in China, you have to host it in China, or Hong Kong. Many websites are blocked in China, due to the Great Fire Wall.


WeChat Account

You need to communicate with your Client via WeChat, better than Email.


WeChat Ebrochure

Most of Chinese prefer Ebrochure than traditional PDF.

What is an Ebrochure ? It is a HTML5 Page , that introduce your Agency.

Have a look Here


Tactics to Attract Tour Operators Leads

How to attract Leads (askings) from Tour operators in China ? That a good question. You need to try to understand them first.

  1. They Search on Baidu when they want to find suppliers
  2. They use online Forums to find the best partner
  3. They want to be sure to deal with serious partner, your Reputation is Vital
  4. They do not like spammer, they expect personalized Messages in Chinese


Example : Travel Manager at Ctrip , leading Online travel Player in China.


Baidu SEO : Rank on Top Page of Baidu (Google is blocked in China )

To attract quality Leads, the best way is to appear on B2B search on Baidu, like Local Tour Operator in {Your country]

Example : Search “Thailand  Travel Agencies ” on Baidu 


Baidu SEM or Advertising

Advertise on Baidu can be a Good option to attract these Professionals. You can have a look on Baidu SEM on this article for further information.


Take care of your E-Reputation

Chinese Travel professionals will check the Reputation of your Agency, you have better to have positive comments. If they find nothing they will just find another one. They do not like to take risks dealing with new players.