B2B lead generation in China can be tricky, it is a very different marketplace for businesses to operate in. Some businesses forsake an online marketing strategy but the most effective way to develop and generate leads in this market is digitally. In China business introductions and connections are often developed online before meeting face to face.

Connecting with factories for cost-effective production in China is essential. There are opportunities for affordable, mass market production with the infrastructure in place to both produce and distribute at the best market rates.

But how do you connect with Chinese factories and establish strong business relationships?

You need to develop your e-reputation and visibility online in China.



1)      Search Engine Marketing

Once you have made an introduction and business request a production agent will search online, most likely via Baidu which dominates 75% of the Chinese search engine market.

Here it is beneficial if your company is one of the top search results this can be through advertising with PPC, banner ads and paid links or more effectively highly ranked in the natural search results. Factories need to see that you are a legitimate and established proposition in China with the traction to continually produce and sell in the orient. A high ranking on Baidu is the ultimate indicator of this. This approach can take time but based on optimizing keywords you can increase your visibility.

In business this matters, it is all about the Chinese concept of ‘face’, your initial impression and the first page of Baidu gives a lot of ‘face’ to your company. Serious professionals look at the natural search results, you can increase your ranking by utilizing a number of techniques:

          Keyword optimization

          Backlinks campaign

          Producing quality, original content

          Sharing and dissemination of content

          Chinese, Mandarin optimized website

          Chinese hosted server

          Web links and referals

          Chinese domain/url